1st Grade

Jumana Alattar teaching her first graders

Mrs. Jumana Alattar is an all-star teacher. She has helped and developed our eager kids into students that like to work hard, expect challenges and can overcome those challenges. She is an incredible leader in the classroom and her students are developing their confidence, good decision-making and leadership skills as well. Watching the students interact with Mrs. Jumana is priceless. I’ve seen for myself that she inspires her students to do and be the very best at all times.” The Bright Family

  Our first grade program is top-notch, with our first grade students consistently performing above grade level by the end of the school year. Our first grade teachers enable their students to meet high expectations within a loving and supportive environment.

First graders utilize The Collection for Young Scholars Anthology, part of the Open Court Curriculum, for language arts. This anthology features a variety of classic and contemporary stories to engage young readers. Student's writing skills are developed through two workbooks, supplemented by other projects including journals, independent story writing, and student-made books. For mathematics, our students use the Math-in-Action workbook, reviewing concepts like computation, money, measurements, time, geometry, fractions, numbers to 1000, multiplication and division. Hands-on manipulatives compliment the textbook.   Other textbooks include Neighborhood and Communities for social studies, and In Your World for science.  


Meet our first grade teachers:

Jumana Alattar

Adrienne Stoops

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