4th Grade

We are very pleased with PWA.  Our son attended another school and he learned more in three months at PWA than he did attending an entire year there.  He is eager to learn [and] has built strong relationships with his classmates and his teacher. --From PWA's Parent Satisfaction Survey

Our fourth graders learn to communicate effectively in large and small group settings. Students read classics and contemporary literature by a variety of authors and hone strategies for reading comprehension and analysis.

Social studies for the fourth grade focuses on the United States by examining history, geography, economics, the humanities, and citizenship. International lessons are integrated into the units for easy comparison. Students also study the history of Virginia through activities-based class projects.

Math in the fourth grade places emphasis on developing proficiency in using whole numbers, fractions, and decimals to solve problems. Students learn to collect, display and analyze data in a variety of ways and solve probability problems. Students also solve problems involving area and perimeter, classify triangles, and plot points in the coordinate plane.  We keep students actively engaged while learning mathematics, using concrete materials and appropriate technologies such as calculators and computers.  Students also learn to identify real-life applications of the mathematical principles they acquire, and discover the ways their new knowledge can be applied to science and other disciplines.

Fourth grade science stresses the importance of using information, analyzing data, and validating experimental results. Our fourth grade science curriculum emphasizes the importance of defining variables in experimentation, and making simple predictions from picture, bar, and line graphs.  Questioning and hypothesizing become more detailed at this level. Students are introduced to basic principles of electricity and to the concept of energy as it relates to work and machines.



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