2nd Grade

"My kids have excelled academically and in many other areas at PWA.  They not only receive excellent instruction, but the teachers have also been nurturing which is a key component when you work at a grade level higher than public schools.  Kids need that love and encouragement to push themselves further." From PWA's Parent Satisfaction Survey

Our second grade offers a warm and comfortable setting, combined with rigorous and individualized academics.

Our second graders are immersed in a literature-rich environment, filled with classical and contemporary fiction from the Collection for Young Scholars, from the Open Court curriculum.  At the second grade level, we emphasize writing, spelling, grammar and reading, and our students utilize workbooks to support learning these concepts.

In math, students work on concepts including monetary values, whole numbers, regrouping, multiplication, division, fractions, and geometry, utilizing a hybrid curriculum that employs both online and classroom teaching.  Social studies focuses on historical cultures, and seeks to instill understanding of the heritage and contribution of great civilizations of the past to the world.  In science, students focus on a broad range of skills to understand the natural world.  Scientific processes, living systems, and changes in the natural world are some of the concepts explored, along with the human body and health-related needs and changes.  



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